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Personal Training

Great personal trainers not only help you achieve your short term goals but also help you build skills and habits that will last a lifetime. Personal Training can be tailored to all skill levels, from those just starting out on their fitness journey to individuals looking to improve specific aspects of their performance. 

Not sure if personal training is for you? Book a free 30 min consult for a more detailed discussion of your needs. Use the Contact Us page for booking. 

Single Session

60 minute Session

$75 + HST

40 minute Session

$60 + HST

Training Packages

60 minute sessions

10 Sessions = 600$ + HST
0 Sessions = 1100$ + HST

40 minute sessions

10 Sessions = 450$ + HST

20 Sessions = 800$ + HST

Membership Add-On

Have a membership already? 

Add on personal training sessions at $50 a session.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Have a partner, family member, friend or coworker you want to train with? Our semi-private PT provides a customized training program and all the benefits of personal training but is shared with your training partner!

Single Sessions = $95 + HST (savings of $20!) 

10 Sessions = $900 + HST 

Group of 3? Contact us for pricing and options.

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