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Class Descriptions

1 / Group Class

The bread and butter of Innovate. These small group classes focus on full body strength training and are suited for any level of fitness. 

2 / Lunch Rush

For those that like to get their workout in during the workday but are short on time! The workout will be an abbreviated version of the day's programming to get you in and out on your lunch break.

3 / Movement/Mobility

A class to help mobilize the body after a tough week of training. Includes a variety of techniques and is sure to help you start your weekend off well.

4 / Weekend Cardio

A class designed to make you sweat! Saturday's class is focussed on building cardio and endurance. It includes various combinations of cardio, bodyweight and light weight movements - a great addition to your Saturday morning!

5 / Teen Strength

Classes that are tailored to developing teen fitness. 

6 / Mommy and Me

A specialized, self contained program for new parents. Classes are open only to those registered for the full eight week program. 

7 / Gentle Strength

A specialized, self contained program for those who are new to the gym, are returning after a long absence, or are in their senior years and are looking to build strength in a progressive, safe and gentle manner. See the Gentle Strength page or Contact Us for more details!

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